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Wanna be a better runner?


Anyone can run, right? But there’s a few things you can do to make you a BETTER runner!


GET PROPERLY FITTED FOR RUNNING SHOES – don’t just buy them online because they have good reviews! Everyone’s needs for footwear are different, so you need to ensure your shoes are perfect for you. I love the guys at Profeet in London who will look after you. Also, our friends at Podo.London are excellent if you need some custom insoles, which also can make all the difference.


STRETCHING & MOBILITY – you already know this, but are you doing it regularly? Up to 8x your body weight goes through your joints when running, so you need to ensure that you’re supple & flexible to withstand those forces. So join a yoga class, do some stretching, get your foam roller out & fall in love with mobility training. 


STRENGTH TRAINING – now this is one thing that a lot of runners neglect, in favour of going out for another run! But you NEED to get some extra oomph into those muscles. This will help protect your joints, give you more power through your strides, and there will be something more in the tank when you start hitting the wall. You don’t have to lift heavy (unless you want to!) , strength training can come in the form of pilates, body weight work at home, or getting in the gym! 


SPEED WORK – incorporating some speed work into your training will (obviously) make you faster. But what is does, is help making your longer (slower) runs easier because your body will be using oxygen more efficiently. Our mate at Fordy Runs has loads of info on how to incorporate speed work into your training, whether its fartlek training, track sessions or one going to one of his weekly group sessions!


HILL WORK – running on inclines is one of the best ways to make you a better runner. Doing this helps activate your glutes, hamstrings & calf muscles more (your posterior chain) which are the big muscles which help PUSH you forward when running. If these muscles aren’t activating correctly, you will use your front muscles (hip flexors, quads) to PULL yourself forward & end up with hip & knee pain. You only have to mix a few hills into your runs to see the benefits, but if you want specifics, Fordy Runs can help you out! So don’t shy away from those hills 😉 


GET MASSAGE/TREATMENT – regular sports massage or osteopathic treatment during your training regimes can help your body cope with all the pressure you’re putting on it!  By ironing out all the kinks, you muscles will contract better & joints won’t get as compressed. This obviously helps prevent injuries in the long run!


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